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Explore top rated Car Covers, Pool Covers and High quality Truck Curtains from Polco


Trusted Car Body Covers Brand In India

We are the Trusted Car Body Covers Brand In India, manufacturing covers since 2002 to bring protection for your vehicle. Exposure to the sun and other natural elements can damage your vehicle which is why we combine carefully chosen materials with a weatherproof design to bring you a dust-resistance, water-repellent, and scratch-resistant car cover.

Polco car covers are designed to offer reliable year-round protection for your car. Whether it be the hot rays of the sun or heavy rain. our car covers will make sure your car stays safe in a simple and convenient way.

We offer a wide variety of materials for the vehicle covers to meet the needs of different customers and different conditions so your car always stays protected and safe.Polco covers offer just the right balance of quality, affordability, design, and style making them the right choice for you.


Prevents temperature rises in the summer and freezes the windows in the winter. Polco car body covers can handle it all. The powerful material keeps your car safe from UV rays, sand, dust, tree saps and Birds Dropping.

We offer High quality Covers in terms of durability and reliability, which provide maximum comfort and are easily handled by the customers.


Our Covers are Water-resistant and Water-repellent provides overall protection for vehicle from Rain that prevent water to go inside.