Dear Readers,

“Few years ago we saw a luxury truck, covered by tarpaulin on the roof and broken MS Container. From that moment we realise that trucks deserve to be fabricated with a side curtain that enhances their charm while moving on the road and increase their performance.”

For 15 years, Polco has produced covers for all Auto majors in the 4W, 3W, 2W segments and all modes of Automotive transport like Air, Road and Sea by working closely with them.

Polco has been a story of passion, ideas and continuous evolution into what today has become a brand synony- mous with quality for specialized body covers.

The passion, expertise and attention to details has made Polco what it is today.

Only constant improvement, innovative development and use of new materials which we have adopted are the reason that we have been able to meet with the high industry standards and expectations.

We at Polco are proud to be a part of you that inspires us always to excel for higher standards. Driven by passion & innovation, inspired by you.

Kind regards

Bhavesh Khanna & Rohit Khanna


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  • Effortless & fast
  • Strong & durable

Best wishes for 2020!

We wish you a happy, fulfilling and exciting new year!