Polco Dupont Tyvek Car Body Cover for Nissan Magnite


Product Specification

  • Side Mirror Pockets for good fit
  • Reinforced Double Stitched with Water Resistant thread
  • Elastic on all four corners of the cover for better grip
  • Built-in belt & buckle to protect during windy conditions
  • Built-in rear Antenna


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Product Description

? Polco Dupont Tyvek Car Body Cover for Nissan Magnite is Custom made for the perfect fit with comprehensive protection. Full-size Car Covers completely fit your vehicle.
? Our Car cover fabric is soft, durable, and performs well for both indoor and outdoor applications.
? Protects your car from dirt, dust, pollution, and bird droppings.
? Comes with elastic at all four corners of the Car, double stitched for extra durability, mirror pockets, and antenna pockets. Also comes with a center belt and buckle for more protection during windy conditions.

Fabric Details

? Polco car body cover is made up of Imported Polypropylene Fabric Material which makes the cover durable and of high strength.
? Dupont Tyvek Car Body Cover is made up of unique HDPE Synthetic Fabric which is durable and lightweight
? Polco body cover fabric is almost thick which makes it durable in nature.
? Our Car body covers are UV resistant and Water Resistant.
? High-quality threads are used for double stitch throughout the cover to give a high level of durability during rough use.

Important notes

? From a safety point, please do not use Polco Dupont Tyvek Car Body Cover for Nissan Magnite on a Re-painted or Waxed polish vehicle until it has been properly dried and cured. Polco Cannot be made liable for any damage that will take place on any re-painted Or re-waxed vehicle.
? Avoid covering on the hot car or immediately after a long drive.
? Please ensure the vehicle is not dirty or full of dust while covering to avoid any damages.
? Polco is liable to the extend of exchange of the Car body cover.




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