About us

Polco was founded in the year 2002 by two of Mumbai’s most entrepreneurial minds, Mr. Rohit Khanna and Mr.Bhavesh Khanna. With the recent introduction of utility covers, Polco is now the largest manufacturer of customized and specialized protection covers of automobiles in India.

Incorporated and based out of Mumbai, Polco emerged, expanded and succeeded thus becoming a global player. As the innovation and product development continued along the years Polco added a number of products to its product range. Since its inception, it has been at the forefront of technology and has steered the course of the “car cover sector” in the country with its world class products and services.

Established with a vision to constantly innovate and introduce new product range for adding style, comfort and protection for the high number of rising vehicles in the country.

We supply to all OEM’s in India and have earned excellent reputation for providing quality products that adhere to high standards. The cutting edge technology, premium quality fabrics, top notch production facility and high quality standards has made Polco the first choice in the ‘protection covers segment’. Be it pet covers, shoe covers, helmet covers, tractor covers, auto-rickshaw covers; the quality is what makes Polco’s products the most promising in the industry.

In India, we were the first to enter the organized sector for car and two wheeler covers, with a commitment to quality and a team of passionate and dedicated professionals. Progressively through the years, we have relied on 3 R’s – Reach, Research and Reliability as its basic building blocks. Using feedback from the market and a fully-equipped R& D centre, we have consistently created better designs with emphasis on safety and quality. This has helped us build products that are ahead of its time.

Our teamwork and commitment is manifested in achieving high level of customer satisfaction, thereby reinforcing the company’s leadership status.

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